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Christine Hérot, Ed.D.                    
  Licensed Psychologist                         
  Psychologue clinicienne         Bilingue en français et en anglais


Hello and welcome to my website.  I have had the privilege to provide psychotherapy to a wide range of clients for over 16 years and I currently offer individual therapy to adolescents, young adults, adults and the geriatric population.  I also provide academic counseling, consultation, and workshops.

One of the most important goals in my practice is to foster a warm and genuine empathic environment where my clients can develop a sense of trust and well-being. 

Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I now offer teletherapy sessions and do not offer in-person sessions at this time. Please check my Contact Page for additional information.

Overcoming anxiety, depression, PTSD and other forms of suffering takes time, patience and resilience. I am always in awe of my clients’ resolve and the strengths they bring to the therapy.  Since each client comes with unique past and unique concerns, I believe it is essential that each session and therapeutic approach be tailored to the particular needs of each client.
            As an artist, I find creative development to be most fulfilling and I am deeply attuned to the challenges of expressing one's artistic self. 
            As an athlete, I am profoundly aware of the impact of cognitive obstacles in motivation and performance.

I integrate a psycho-dynamic approach that focuses on childhood history and relational/emotional development with a Mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioral approach for clients with anxiety or eating difficulties.  I am fully trained to provide EMDR treatment. I also offer Brief Adjunctive EMDR treatment (4-12 sessions on average) for clients who have a primary therapist and wish to focus on a single issue or a set of issues that do not seem to respond to regular talk therapy or other types of therapies. The Brief Adjunctive EMDR treatment can be done in a focused intensive manner for clients who are able to meet more than once a week over a short period of 2-3 weeks. Please contact me with any questions about this Brief Adjunctive EMDR treatment.

             My personal practice of Vipassana meditation and my certification in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy allow me to offer relaxation/meditation and breathing exercises as well as guided imagery which have helped my clients learn skills to manage sleep issues, anxiety and panic attacks. 

            A native of France, I am bilingual in French and in English and offer therapy in both languages. I work with many ex-patriates and international clients as they adjust to the US culture.